Fishing Bear Lodge, Alaska

In our opinion, the best bang for the fly fisher’s buck in all of Alaska is Fishing Bear Lodge. Located in the super-scenic Wood Tikchik region, this humble family run operation has an incredible track record for making their guests’ trips memorable and productive. With many systems within reach via their jet boats, it’s not necessary to fly out for great fishing. This along with the incredible scenery,  a true feeling of remoteness and comfortable rustic lodging, it’s a fantastic trip for any angler. We especially feel that it’s a great trip for the young angler in your home. Here are some words from Ken Morrish, who took his son Max to Fishing Bear Lodge for his first Alaskan experience.

“Several days after my son’s 10th birthday I took him there for the first of what I hope will be the first of many “coming of age” trips. It was a huge success with lots of accessible fisheries that he was really successful on. We caught rainbows, dollies, grayling and pike. We saw bears, eagles and moose, we flew in DeHaviland Beaver on floats and had some epic jet boat rides. It was also a great educational experience for my son and they really worked with him to improve his skills and put him on fish. Honestly it is hard for me to imagine a better fist trip to Alaska especially for those that want to stretch their dollars.”  

Available Dates: August 4 – 10, 2014 for 6 rods
Cost of this trip = $3,600 per person for a 6 night/6 day package

Call David Kalinowski at 800-552-2729 to reserve these spaces!

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Big Ku Lodge

Available Dates:
June 13-20 – 6 openings
June 20-27 - 4 openings
July 4-11 - 6 openings
July 11-18 - 6 openings
July 18-25 - 6 openings
July 25-Aug 1 - 4 openings

Special Rate: $4595 per person - including up to three complimentary fly outs!

Please contact David Kalinowski at 1-800-552-2729 or email at to reserve you space




Igiugig Lodge, Alaska

Available Dates: June 7 – 14,  June 14 – 21, 2014 and July 26 – August 2

Discount Rate: $5200 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package based on double occupancy (regular rate = $6200)

This is a great little owner operated lodge where the head pilot and guide is also the owner. This operation can be made the exclusive retreat for groups of 4-5 anglers and their program enables folks to fly out half of their days and fish the mighty Kvichak the other three days. Typically 2-3 anglers will head out on a fly out with the lodge owner each day. Anglers will also spend three days fishing their home water via jet boat. The Kvichak is home to some the largest and hottest rainbows in the state.

For more details please call  David Kalinowski at 800-552-2729 or email



Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia

Available dates:
May 7 to 15 - 3 rods – Cancellation Special Rate of USD4,150 per person.

May 27 to June 4 – 2 rods - Cancellation Special Rate of USD4,150 per person.
Sept 4 to 12  - 1 rod - Cancellation Special Rate of USD5,950 per person.

Tsimane may be the most exciting, new destination we have ever seen. Located in a remote, indigenous territory of Bolivia where the Andes meet the upper Amazon, the rivers of the region are both familiar and foreign. Technically jungle freestones, these rivers are similar to the smaller winter steelhead systems of the Pacific Northwest or the hearty trout systems on the west side of New Zealand’s South Island, but the fierce migratory golden dorado that inhabit these rivers mandate more tarpon-like techniques. In Bolivia, anglers wading wet with eight weight rods cast five inch flies on wire leaders through endless water types with consistent catches of pugnacious, aerial dorado in the 8 – 35 pound class. Without exception, all of the anglers we sent to Tsimane rate the trip among the top angling experiences in their careers.

Please give Brian Gies at call at 1-800-552-2729 or email at to reserve these spaces.

bolivia low rws 2012-41

In This Article:
Complimentary summer airfare from Miami to Los Roques! Dylan gives us an update on the political situation in Venezuela with regard to fishing trips to Los Roques. A first hand account from folks who live in Venezuela on the situation. Now is a great time to head to bonefish paradise!


Fly Water Travel has been sending anglers to Los Roques for well over a decade and we enjoy a fantastic relationship with our friends and partners at Sight Cast Outfitters. The team at Sight Cast has perfected the art of taking care of anglers traveling through Caracas and getting them safely and securely to the island without incident.  Recent political turmoil in Venezuela has caused a lot of concern with anglers that have grown to love this incredible fishery. Headlines have certainly been concerning and it’s understandable that many show consternation over a trip to this part of the world at this time. However, it should be understood that the gory headlines and the real back story of the situation are something quite different. Without hearing from those who have their feet on the ground, it’s hard to get an accurate assessment of what’s really going on. I recently decided to check in with our trusted partners at Sight Cast to get a first hand account of the turmoil on the mainland and to get their take on safety concerns. Here is what they had to say:


A Note From Sight Cast on the Situation:
Hi Dylan,

The situation has not changed much.   Protests started on Feb. 12 and there
are still protests taking place.

The main protests are taking place in 5 – 6 cities (Tachira State border
with Colombia), Maracaibo city, Valencia city, Caracas city and
Barquisimeto city.

Besides the above, protests are taking place in very specific areas within the
above cities.  For example, in Caracas, which is the nearest city from
airport (still about 50 miles away), protests are taking place in 5 or 6 neighborhoods, all
of them middle to upper class.

Does the above have an impact for our operation ?

Not at all. Protests are very far from our areas of operation and at Los Roques
these things are not seen at all. Not sure what will be the outcome but for now, it is not affecting the

-Sight Cast Outfitters


Complimentary Summer Airfare!
Recently, we have also been experiencing some hurdles with regard to very expensive airfare. With tickets from the west coast to Caracas ranging in price from $2500 – $3000, it has been very cost prohibitive to put a trip together. Thankfully, we now have a perfect solution:

Anglers must only purchase tickets from home to Miami and Sight Cast will pay to fly you the rest of the way! This special applies for trips June 15 – September 30. Call for details. 

The one constant through all of this is that Los Roques remains a truly world class destination for anglers serious about wading the flats for girthy, heavy shouldered bonefish! The fishing is fantastic and we see no barriers for putting a trip together and getting down there. The reality is that Bonefish paradise is not lost! Unfortunately, it’s mired down in a quagmire of political strife, media spin and fanatical headlines as of late.

Please give us a call and let us go to work for you putting together an epic trip to this fantastic destination. Eager bonefish, stunning saltwater beauty and warm equatorial sand is waiting for you.

Please contact Dylan Rose about putting a trip together to Los Roques, Venezuela at 800-552-2729!

Please check out Dylan’s recent report from Los Roques here: A Million Shades of Turquoise






The venerable Turneffe Flats Lodge on the beautiful Turneffe Atoll will be offering a fantastic special this year for anglers wanting to visit this flats fishing and eco-adventure paradise. Turneffe Flats Lodge is so much more than a fishing lodge. Fantastic cuisine, near limitless eco-adventure opportunities, snorkeling, a professional scuba operation and world class birding literally occur just steps outside your private beach-side cabana. This is also prime time for tarpon in Belize! This promotional special is perfect for vacationing couples or die-hard fishing buddies alike.

Turneffe Flats Lodge

2 FOR 1 DISCOUNT SPECIAL - Two anglers or a fishing couple for the price of one single supplement angler package.

Special Rate: $2,895.00 + $219.13 (Belizean Tax) = $3,114.13 per person based on double occupancy for a 7 night/6 day package

Note: Normal rate $3,930 + $307.10 = $4,237.00 per person 

Available Dates:
August 2nd – November 2nd, 2014

Give Dylan Rose a call now for availability and rates: 800-552-2729





Mongolia Tiamen Camps with Golden Eagle Festival Extension trip
Dates:  September 20th  - October 7th, 2014
Mongolia is a wild, unbroken land reminiscent of Montana and the American West before settlement. Here you will find some of the world’s largest remaining tracts of true wilderness, rich with clear, free-flowing rivers and vast golden forests of birch, aspen, larch and alder. You will also find the world’s largest salmonoid, the taimen.  Over the years the trip to Mongolia has proven to be a wonderfully rewarding experience, not only for the fishing but for the landscape and the people as well.

This fall we have combined the spectacular fishing trip with a one of the most interesting festivals in the country.  The Golden Eagle Festival.

Each year the Golden Eagle Festival is held in the Bayan-Ulgii province in the remote Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia.  This festival celebrates the nomadic Kazakhs tradition of using Golden Eagles as a means of hunting.  There are competitions that test the eagles speed, agility, and accuracy as well as ceremonies, dance performances.  There will also be opportunities to ride horses with the hunters, and visit cultural and archaeological sites.


Saturday / September 20th:      Depart Home

Sunday / September 21st:        Arrive Ulaanbaatar:  In Ulaanbaatar you will be met by a representative from the outfitter’s Mongolian travel partner, Hovsgol Travel, and be taken to the Hovsgol Travel Hotel to overnight (included in package).

Monday / September 22nd:      After breakfast at the hotel at about 9:00AM you will be transferred back to the airport to meet your charter flight to the camp. The helicopter flight to the camp is approximately three hours. Once at the camp you will be met by the Sweetwater staff, shown to your Ger, have lunch and then head out for ½ day of fishing if time permits.

Tuesday – Sunday /
September 23rd  – 28th:                       Six full days of guided fishing.

A typical day at camp:
6:30AM:          Camp person will come into your Ger and light a fire in your woodstove
7:00AM:          Coffee will be ready
8:00AM:          Breakfast
9:00AM:          On the river
6:00PM:          Back at camp (Showers are always hot in the evening)
8:00 PM:         Dinner

Monday / September 29th:       Pack and fly back to Ulaanbaatar. In Ulaanbaatar you will be met by a member of Hovsgol Travel’s staff who will take you to the Hovsgol Travel Hotel.

Tuesday – Wednesday /
September 30th – October 1st: Drive to Hustai National Park.   Not far from Ulaanbaatar, 100km (62mil) south-west, in 1993 the government founded the Hustain Nuruu Nature Reserve to preserve Mongolia’s wild takhi horses and the steppe environment in which they live. Also known as Przewalski’s horse (named after the Russian explorer), the takhi used to roam the countryside in great herds. In the 1960s they almost became extinct because of the poachers and livestock overgrazing. In the early 1990s, with assistance from international environmental groups, many takhi were reintroduced into their natural habitat of Khustain Nuruu and South Gobi areas. About 400 now live in this park in the wild nature.  Activities: Hiking, horseback riding , visiting Turkic period human stones.

Thursday / October 2nd: Drive back to UB. City tour and shopping. Overnight in hotel

Friday / October 3rd: Take the flight to Ulgy and overnight at hotel.

Saturday – Sunday /
October 4th and 5th:     Eagle Festival:  Opening ceremony/ hunters parade displays the hunters outfit and accessories. Competitions are all held in the area of 10km outside of Ulgy. In the afternoon checking the speed and agility of Golden Eagles. in the evening attend traditional performance.

Most exiting competitions:
Eagles will be checked on ability to grabbing the ‘’fox’’, their speed and ‘’gripping’’ technique. ‘’Kukbar’’-Skin pulling competition tests one’s horse riding skill, strength and agility. ‘’Tenge Ilu’’Picking –up coins from the ground competition. Afternoon award ceremony. Celebration dinner with eagle hunters.

Monday / October 6th: After breakfast take a flight to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel.

Tuesday / October 7th: Depart for home.

Tiamen Camp Rates:
$5900.00 per person

Tour Rates:
Based on 2 people:      $3200.00 per person
Based on 3-5 people:  $2800.00 per person
Based on 6 or more:    $2500.00 per person


For more details please call 800-552-2729 or email Brian

So much of the Bahamian saltwater experience has been written about over the years that this March my interest finally boiled over. I just couldn’t let another season go by without getting down there and finally we made it happen. My wife Chrysta and I assembled an exciting itinerary encompassing four of Fly Water’s favorite operations and ten glorious days exploring the wilds of South Andros.


Arriving at the small airport in Congo Town is like being air dropped squarely in to bonefish Disneyland for a shallow water flats junkie such as myself. It’s immediately clear that the place lives and breathes bonefish. From the airport workers, shuttle drivers, fellow travelers and locals everyone seems to know about bonefish and can certainly tell by the look of us that we aim to meet some of their prized bony inhabitants.

From the air it’s striking to see how vast the island is and remarkable to realize that the main land mass is entirely made up of a million small lagoons, creeks, channels and cuts. More than once on the trip we found ourselves guessing the direction back to the lodge after a day of fishing, only to be pointing in wildly different directions and nowhere near our course.


I found the guides masterful in their approach (both from the poling platform and with a fly rod in their hand), unique in their style and certainly all business when it comes to stalking bonefish. Previous to the trip, friends and colleagues relayed stories of guides that are not bashful about letting it be known that you hosed yet another shot, blew up yet another school, or simply need to learn to cast.

It was good that I was mentally prepared for… I’ll call it Bahamian “guide intensity”, but I have to say that I fished with five different guides on the trip and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with each one of them. They have such unique stories, personalities and styles that if you really open yourself up, you can have an amazing time just getting to know them a bit.


Yes, they take their job seriously. Yes, they mostly expect you to constantly perform at your best while on the front of the boat, but never once did I feel like a guide was not on my team.  And yes, I definitely sensed frustration when the wind blew 35 knots and every approaching fish seemed to be upwind. Or when yet another one of my errant casts smashed a 6lb pound bone on the head, scaring it half way to Cuba.

Ultimately for them, catching bonefish on the fly is like a religion. It’s truly important to them that you catch and land fish. As many fish as possible. Perhaps at times they can seem to even want the fish more than you do! They do not take their task lightly and you have to ask yourself, would you really want them to? My advice is to practice your casting, go with an open mind, be ready to swallow a little bit of your pride and above all listen to your guide!


Our first stop was at the Deneki Outdoors operation called Andros South. This casual bonefish camp sits on the eastern shore of the island in close proximity to the vast and productive flats of the south island. Upon arrival to Andros South, one feels immediately at home among bonefish crazed, addicted salwater anglers couple with warm Bahamian hospitality.

Hard core flats anglers will find everything they need and nothing they don’t at Andros South. Including but not limited to a clean air-conditioned room, comfy beds, cold and plentiful complimentary Bahamian Kaliks, hot showers, a fantastic fleet of loaner gear and a highly experienced and skilled stable of guides. Not to mention some out-of-this-world conch fritters, grouper fingers, mac and cheese, lobster and fried snapper!

After our far too short of stay at Andros South and some inclement weather we took a quick drive down to Bair’s Lodge for a few days and were lucky enough to experience some fantastic fishing. Immediately on arrival to the lodge we were greeted by our gracious hosts and lodge managers Ray and Ann Shewnack. Ann’s positive energy, insight in to daily Bahamian life on Andros and her attention to detail is truly infectious. Ray is a skilled angler and successful author and sees to coordinating the fishing side of the operation.


On arrival we received a brilliant tour from Ann  and were shown to our beautifully appointed room on the upper floor. The stunning view of the private sandy beach was only punctuated by a slew of richly colored Argentinian hard wood and brilliant white trim throughout. Bair’s truly defines a luxury fishing experience with all the amenities of home. Comfortable enough for a non-angling spouse to relax in elegant surroundings but in a charming and certainly non-pretentious atmosphere.


We fished with guides Ronnie and Tee for two full days and found our groove hooking plenty of hard fighting bonefish and had some amazing encounters with tarpon, various  snappers and several popper hooked jacks while blind casting in a “blue hole”. Fishing blue holes was a fantastic diversion and fascinating to think about. These never ending holes pop up right out of  the middle of a flat and are filled with a myriad of critters. We saw Loggerhead turtles, sharks, huge barracuda and schools of snapper milling about on the edges. In some cases dive teams have tried to find the bottom but never succeeded.


On our last day at Bair’s, lodge manager Ray took us to a very special place near the lodge he calls the “Manager’s Flat”. We found several nice fish cruising on the sheet white sand and even managed to land a couple. It was a brilliant way to end our stay at Bair’s and we were thankful to Ray for showing us his very special flat. Pretty sure mine was bigger!



After our time at Bair’s it was again time to move on. Ann drove us to the small settlement of Driggs Hill where we caught a boat that would take us to a luxurious eco-adventure resort called Tiamo Resort. Tiamo is not exclusively a fishing lodge. They cater to guests looking for a luxurious, private and beautifully quiet Bahamian retreat. Guests have the option to book bonefishing days, diving adventures, snorkel tours and a slew of water sports including complimentary sailing and paddling devices. Wakeboarding, eco-tours, spa treatments and massages can also be arranged. Tiamo is situated on a pristine white sand beach, perfect for feeling the warm Bahamian sand beneath your toes. Our private pool villa featured an incredible king size bed with a fully screened in porch and private saltwater pool looking out onto the pristine south bight of Andros. For couples looking for an amazing luxury get-a-way with the ability to fish or dive Tiamo fits the bill perfectly.

From Tiamo Resort we made the short journey by boat to Libson Creek where we met up with a transport to the settlement of Moxey Town and the beautiful bonefishing operation of Mangrove Cay Club. Mangrove Cay is a professional bonefish operation through and through. The lodge was conceived, built and designed from the ground up specifically to be a bonefish lodge. Our hosts Liz Bain and her husband Alton expertly manage all of the moving pieces and their kindness and warmth is only matched by the proficiency of their staff. Meals at the lodge were nothing short of mindbogglingly good. Fresh fish, lobster, prime rib and traditional conch dishes served every way possible adorned each evening dinner service. It seemed to defy logic how food of this quality could be prepared so far removed from fresh markets and massive grocery stores. Nearly 13 years old, the guest cottages and main lodge literally sparkle in maintenance and cleanliness and look as though they literally finished building them yesterday! We settled nicely in to our private two-room suite barely a stones throw from the stunning middle bight of Andros.


Unfortunately, our fishing days at Mangrove Cay Club were hampered by some unusually windy conditions which kept us off the water a substantial amount of time. When we finally did a get chance to explore their vast local fishery, the water was whipped to a froth which made visibility extremely difficult. Incredibly clean, comfortable and beautiful in its simplicity Mangrove Cay Club accommodates both hard core fishing guests and non-anglers alike with ease.

South Andros has so much to offer the traveling angler. From first class luxury lodges to simple fishing focused camps, it’s only a matter of deciding what’s appropriate for you and just going for it. While some of the lodges remain in close proximity of each other, the guides do a fantastic job of staying out of each other’s way and the fishable terrain is vast. When conditions are right, all of the destinations we saw have access to the famed West Side. Bair’s and Andros South also have a fairly easy run to the prolific flats on the very southern tip of the island. We saw literally thousands of bonefish in this area in huge schools. At times we had fun trying to pick the biggest bones out of a school. Several times our guide Tee would yell, “You missed the biggest one mon! Pull it outta there before a little one grabs it!”  We mostly opted to target larger fish isolated away from schools but whether it’s size you’re after or getting sheer numbers to the boat, Andros has a bonefish destination for you and an appropriate level of accommodation to satisfying hard-core anglers and non-fishing companions alike.



By Ken Morrish

Kooi Noom was a new destination that I was really looking forward to visiting. Everything about it seemed new and different and my group and I were eager to see what it was all about. In short, it was a great adventure with some really big rainbows!

kooi (67 of 91)

The long road in across the vast Patagonian Steppe. While it took 6.5 hours this season it will be a few hours shorter next season when the road construction project is completed.

kooi (40 of 91)

The cozy estancia sits at the edge of the steppe and the foothills. It has nice rooms, a great staff and a spring creek loaded little wild rainbows (and a few big ones).

kooi (25 of 91)

Driving up through the steep foothills above the lodge and the  flat expanses of the Patagonian Steppe.

kooi (47 of 91)

Hiking around a small pond before dropping into the rugged canyon of the Capitan River.

kooi (50 of 91)

The Capitan River is the steepest river I have ever fished dropping more than 200 feet per mile in many sections. Days are spent walking the banks and sight fishing to large rainbows.

kooi (48 of 91)

Sight fishing extreme pocket water on the Capitain. The fish on the far side was never hooked by the angler which in hindsight seems good fortune for all involved.

kooi (89 of 91)

Jim Mongillo fights a nice  fish in one of the river’s larger “pools”.

kooi (2 of 91)

Jim with the first of many significant rainbows from the Capitan River.

kooi (7 of 91)

While the majority of the river looks to swift to hold fish, there are actually lots of fished tucked into the smallest imaginable pockets, most of which are right against the banks. Every fish we hooked on the Capitan was spotted fist with the exception of the three home pools where we had the opportunity to find fish in deeper water.

kooi (75 of 91)

Nils Rinaldi giving chase to a big rainbow!

kooi (76 of 91)

Nils after he caught up with his fish.

kooi (15 of 91)

Hiking the Capitan in search of visible fish.

kooi (13 of 91)

Jim and Nils with an impressive double. I  have never seen a river where anglers can sight fish for such large fish in such rough water.

kooi (27 of 91)

The shelter at the outlet of Lago Quiroga. This is the lake that enables the fish to grow so large. Then many of them downstream migrate in to the Rio Capitan, the lake’s exceedingly steep outlet system.

kooi (57 of 91)

Jim into another another very significant fish.

kooi (64 of 91)

A nice one caught on dry and a 6 wt. rod.

kooi (21 of 91)

Landing a fish at one of the three home pools. These three pools always had plenty of fish and were the only pools deep enough to enable blind fishing.

kooi (19 of 91)

A home pool double.

kooi (42 of 91)

All and all a remarkable trip! For additional information and details please call Fly Water Travel at 800-552-2729 and ask for Ken or Brian.



Sandy River, Alaska:

Available Dates: Oct 12-19, two rods
Rate:$7200 from Anchorage


Skeena Wilderness Charters, Terrace:

Available Dates: Aug 17-23, six rods;   Aug 24-30, eight rods;  Oct 5-11, four rods;  Oct 12-18, six rods
Rate:$4500 plus tax


Bear Claw Lodge, Kispiox:

Available Dates: Oct 16-23, six rods
Rate:$6595 plus tax


Hodson’s, Dean River:

Available Dates: July 9-16, four rods;  Sept 17-24, 1 rod


Skeena River Lodge, Terrace:

Available Dates: Oct 4-11
Rate:$4400 plus tax

Bulkley Day Trips:

If you would like to add on a day or two of fishing to your BC steelhead trip, we can help you set up day trips on the Bulkley.

Rate: $600 per person per day plus tax. 


Fishing Bear Lodge, Alaska

Available Dates: August 4 – 10, 2014 for 6 rods
Cost of this trip = $3,600 per person for a 6 night/6 day package

These are fabulous dates at this remote and rustic lodge run by a really great, down to earth family. The lodge is located deep within the Wood Tikchik State Park (the largest state park in the US) and the surrounding area is seldom traveled and extremely scenic. Fishing Bear has a very diverse fishing program with lots of clear small systems that are rarely fished by other lodges. All systems are reached by jet boat. Rainbow trout, large grayling, artic char, sockeye salmon and pike all abound. The lodge has small double occupancy cabins, separate bathroom and shower facilities with strong on demand hot water. We describe this place as a super wilderness experience that will show folks a true wilderness experience with just the right amount of roughing it.

Call Ken Morrish or David Kalinowski at 800-552-2729 to reserve these spaces!



Igiugig Lodge, Alaska

Available Dates: June 7 – 14,  June 14 – 21, 2014 and July 26 – August 2

Discount Rate: $5200 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package based on double occupancy (regular rate = $6200)

This is a great little owner operated lodge where the head pilot and guide is also the owner. This operation can be made the exclusive retreat for groups of 4-5 anglers and their program enables folks to fly out half of their days and fish the mighty Kvichak the other three days. Typically 2-3 anglers will head out on a fly out with the lodge owner each day. Anglers will also spend three days fishing their home water via jet boat. The Kvichak is home to some the largest and hottest rainbows in the state.

For more details please call  Ken Morrish or David Kalinowski at 800-552-2729 or email them at or


Hodson’s Lodge, Dean River, British Columbia

hodson low res-11

Available Dates: September 17 – 24, 2014 for 2 rods
Cost of this trip = $7,000 + GST per person for a 7 night/7 day package

Call Ken Morrish at 800-552-2729 to reserve these spaces!

hodson low res-22



For some, multi-day float trips represent the quintessential fly fishing trip. What we love about the multi-day downriver floats is that we never have to leave the river. If you’d like to stay out on the water until the last rays of light are gone you can. Or maybe you’d rather sit riverside with a favorite beverage and recall the day’s adventures. The relaxed pace and increased fishing opportunity of multi-day float trips appeals to many. And, let’s face it, dinners just always seem to taste better when eaten riverside. Here are a few of our favorite multi-day float trips in the lower 48.

Montana’s Overnight Float Trips
Yellowstone, Madison, Boulder, Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot rivers

dinner tent with text

Tom Jenni offers multi-day trips on the Yellowstone, Madison, Boulder, Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot rivers throughout the year. Aside from the great rivers and great fishing, Tom’s trips are absolutely top-notch in terms of food, camps and organization.

Season: July – September 
Rate: $2,500 per person for a 4 night/5 day float trip (average length)


Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho


The most prolific and unspoiled westslope cutthroat trout fishery in the world, the Middle Fork of Idaho’s Salmon River offers what many consider the finest multi-day wilderness float trip in America.

Season: July – September
Rate: $3,062.50 per person for a 5 night/6 day package


Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Colorado


A float through the steep walled Gunnison Gorge is recognized as one of the top fly-fishing trips in the lower 48. This wilderness area features spectacular scenery, sightings of varied wildlife, and most importantly excellent fly-fishing for rainbow and brown trout.

Season: May – October
Rate: $1,750 per person for a 2 night/3 day float trip, based on double occupancy


Deschutes River, Oregon


The Deschutes is a desert oasis rife with wild rainbows, hearty steelhead, whitewater and stunning scenery. With multi-day float trips for both trout and steelhead extended over an 8 month season, the Deschutes is one of the west’s most unique and captivating systems.

Season: Trout, year-round; Steelhead, July – November
Rate: $1,600 – $2,000 per person for a 3 night/4 day float trip


Rogue River, Oregon


This fifty-mile boat trip traverses a scenic and secluded stretch of the Rogue River. This particular stretch was designated as a “Wild and Scenic River” by congress in 1968, and therefore has only hiking trails and limited road access near the beginning and end of the trip. There is spectacular natural scenery, wildlife, white-water rapids and fly fishing, all of which provide for a unique experience for all ages and all levels of fly fishing experience.

Season: September – November
Rate: $2,150 per person plus tax for a 3 night / 4 day float trip

Grande Ronde River, Oregon


This low key, high value operation is where some of the Northwest’s finest steelheaders and spey casters congregate for a final month of guiding and instruction. Limited to six anglers per trip, this is not only an operation that prides itself on fishing hard, but also a place where anglers can learn a great deal about steelhead fly fishing and the art of spey casting.

Season: October – November
Rate: $1,990 per person for a 3 night/4 day float trip

Smith River, Montana

SMITH (1 of 4)

One of the most sought-after float trips in the country, it’s a chance for you to leave the rigors of civilization behind and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. Towering limestone cliffs, deep pools, fast riffles, abundant wildlife and fantastic fly fishing for wild browns and rainbows makes this the trip of a lifetime. 

Season: June – July
Rate: $4,150 per person for a 4 night/5 day float trip

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to book your next multi-day adventure!

Ruby Springs Lodge, MT


Looking to cure a bad case of Cabin Fever? Ruby Springs Lodge is offering a spectacular Spring Special for those of you ready to do some trout fishing!

Available Dates:
April 15 – 20 for 4 guests in the large Discovery Cabin
April 20  - 24: 5 cabins available
April 27 – May 1: 1 Riverside cabin available
May 1 – 5: 1 Riverside cabin available
May 5 – 8: 2 Riverside cabins available
May 8 – 11: 3 Riverside cabins and Discovery cabin available
May 11 – 14: 1 Tobacco Root cabin available

Cost of this trip = 25% Discount on all April/May trips! Rates vary according to chosen cabin accommodations. Please call Charles at 800-552-2729 for details.

cg.13 (12 of 12)





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Join noted Montana outfitter/guide and 25 year veteran of the fly fishing industry Tim Linehan and his crew on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana. This trip offers stunning vistas of big sky country and tackle busting 16 – 20″ wild rainbows and browns. Craig, Montana is a fly fishing mecca that features three fly shops and two bars right on the banks of the Missouri River. Linehan Outfitting Company provides the guides and you’ll enjoy fine lodging, meals and views of the river at the lovely Missouri River Ranch.

Available Dates: June 5 – 10, 2014
Cost of this trip = $2,225 per person for a 5 night/4 day package, based on double occupancy
Included: Guided fishing, all meals, lodging.
Not Included: Transportation to/from Craig, fishing licenses, gratuities.

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Ben Taylor has recently completed a wonderful book on Bill Schaadt, revered by many as the greatest salmon and steelhead angler to have ever fished California.  The book interviews many world class anglers who knew Bill well and is full of great historical images of what the California fly fishing was at its peak. To order please contact Ben Taylor at (707) 537 – 8766 or


Could the next legendary Saltwater destination be here?  Round one of the scouting by our good friend Christer Sjoberg of Solid Adventures would say yes!



In the fall of 2013 a hand full of adventurous anglers loaded with every type of fishing tackle imaginable got a taste of what this area can produce.  In the few weeks anglers found many GT’s, Bluefins, Golden Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, Milkfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Black Marlin and a host of other species.  As access to the flats was limited due to transport most of the fishing was from the larger boats on the edges of the flats.  Even with this limited time on the flats everyone agreed it was just a matter of time.

Now round two is getting ready to start. The new 84foot locally made mother ship and the tri-hull center console boats will be complete by the end of March.  With this new craft the next level of exploration will begin in early April.  I will personally be going on the second trip out.  April 21st – 27 and we are we are looking for a few adventuresome travelers interesting in being part of the exploration process.

Spring 2014 scouting trip availability:

April 11-17      2 rods
April 21-27      4 rods
May  1-7          3 rods
May 11 – 17    8 rods
May 21-27       8 rods

Scouting trip rates:  $4900.00 per person

If you want to know more or join one of the scouting trips above please let me know.



About the Destination:
Location GTX is part of the famous “Coral Triangle”, and is located at the northwest corner of Indonesia’s West Papua province, en­compassing 40,000 km2 of land and sea and including a series of more than 1,500 islands! It’s in this vast area of untouched water, flats, reefs and mangroves we will spend our time presenting flies and lures to totally unsuspecting Giant Treavally’s, Buefins, Tuna’s, Snappers, Bonefish, and who knows what for the first time ever!

The waters around Location GTX who has been described as a “species factory” is the worlds most diverse living library for world’s coral reef and underwater biota and is home to more than 1000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. What is making all of this so interesting for us is that the powerful deep-sea currents funnel nu­trients into the area’s delicate fringing coral reefs, blue water drop-offs, man­grove flats, and seagrass beds to form the foundation of the food chain which feeds a spectacular diversity of marine life, including the predator’s on our list!

If you have never hooked or fished for GT before you are in for a real treat! The sheer power and anger of the take floods you with adrenaline and mixed feelings of  Joy, fear and bewilderment and is an experience we wish for all devoted fisherman to experience at least once in their fishing life! Since this trip is still part of the whole Scouting exploration you have been selected as one of the few who will be able to claim actually being among the first to fish these areas and to set the route for all that will come!


We were headed south, deep into the maze of underwater reefs and islands – some of them literally lost in time. Amazing scenery that compares to nothing I have seen so far. Coral reefs so vivid and alive – it felt like photoshopped. While in transit, we were trolling with 30lb and 50lb stand-up gear, which resulted in a bunch of decent Wahoos and a big black Marlin that took the bonito not even 10 seconds after we have dropped it. The first run on the underarmed 30lb travel-rod broke the 50lb line. What an amazing creature!
Our actual target, Giant Trevally, showed up in decent numbers considering the weather situation and the full moon, which apparently causes them to feed at night.  Some nice fish were landed and on top of that, we had Bluefin Trevallies in abundance. One of the guest managed a Trevally Slam with a big golden Trevally, a decent Bluefin and double digit Giant Trevally in one day. We fished both from the mothership and two inflatable dinghies, even did some trolling with the small rafts. Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and some Bonitos were an add-on to GT, some of them even with the flyrod. On top of that, we have seen very good numbers of Napoleon Wrasse and Milkfish on the flats – certainly a good reason to spent some more time there. Great fun!

Believe me when I say that being lost in time will get a whole new meaning when you are lost in this paradise. The transformation from working/office-mode to holidays takes just a splitsecond. A rare feeling in our western society and I consider this to be the greatest of privileges.
Stephan had to leave and I embarked with Rickard and a group of Swedes towards the sought after north region, which is surrounded by open water and heavy converting currents – a big fish El-Dorado. Again, we were trolling in transit. As we were approaching a school of Bonitos and Yellow Fin Tuna in casting distance, we switched to popping gear. Rick was retrieving on of the trolling rods to bring in the lures when a Black marlin showed up behind his lure and totally nailed it. A furious fight with some big airs followed by some vertical dives ended after one hour. We managed to land the approx. 500lb fish and released it safely. What a start. 
We finally arrived at the southern tip of the north reef – it’s not easy to put in words what beauty awaits prospective GTX guest there. A paradise that only a few have been able to witness and it’s well kept. How ever the guys from Solid managed to find this place, they did more than well.
The first lures and poppers went flying and the GT were there – in very good numbers! But it was not only about GT. Yet again, we encountered a dazzling amount of species including Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Black Tip Sharks, Job Fish, Rosy Jobs, Horse Eye Jacks… endless list. The other day, we went out with a dinghi to fish the reededge – on the way back to the mothership we could see that they were handling a good size GT, so we decided to stay away in a 50 Meter radius till the fish was boated. 200 Meters away from our position started a furious frenzy – a big sailfish went beserk on bait. Peter changed his lure to a popper and got it into the hot zone. What happened next was as unexpected as spectacular. A huge sailfish turned immediately on the lure – we had to follow the apprx. 150lb fish with the boat before we could landed it. What a fish and the entire action was captured by my GoPro! 
The biggest GT of the trip was a beautiful 40kg GT on a light tackle setup. What a fight and what a heavy weight reward! Top water fishing at it’s finest!
The fishing is as crazy as it get’s and I have seen quite a few big game spots. The un parallel fishing experience is round up by the most amazing night sky that one could possibly imagine. Good enough to lean back, enjoy a few beers over the fading day’s fishing experience. Yet again, the kitchen never seized to amaze with fresh and delicious meals. We kept some tunas for dinner – nothing better than fresh sashimi and tuna steak after some hard work.

Prime Availability:

Fishing Bear Lodge: $3600 per person for a 6 night / 6 day package
July 21 – 27: 8 rods
July 28 – Aug. 3: 4 rods
Aug. 4 – 10: 6 rods
Aug. 25 – Aug. 31: 6 rods
Sept. 15 – 21: 4 rods

Royal Coachman Lodge: $8050 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package
June 15 – 22: 5 rods
June 29 – July 6: 2 rods
July 6 – 13: 2 rods
July 27 – Aug. 3: 2 rods
Sept. 14 – 21: 10 rods

No See Um Lodge:  $8700 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package
July 7-14: 4 rods
July 14-21: 10 rods
July 21-28: 10 rods
Aug. 11-18: 4 rods
Sept. 22-29: 8 rods

Rainbow King Lodge:  $8700 per person for a 6 night / 6 day package
Aug. 31 – Sept. 6: 2 rods
Sept. 7 -13: 2 rods

Igiugig Lodge: $6200 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package
June 7 – 14: 5 rods
June 14 – 21: 5 rods
July 12 – 19: 3 rods
July 26 – Aug. 2: 5 rods
Aug. 2 – 9: 5 rods
Aug. 9 – 16: 5 rods
Sept. 13 – 20: 5 rods

Rapids Camp Lodge:  $8295 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package
June 20 – 27: 2 rods
July 18 – 25: 17 rods
July 25 Aug. 1: 16 rods
Aug. 29 – Sept. 5: 18 rods
Sept. 5 – 12: 20 rods
Sept. 12 – 19: 10 rods

For more information please call David or Ken 800-552-2729


July 9 – 16: 2 spots – $6450 per person

Skeena River Lodge Availability:
July 12 – 19: 6 spots – $3800 per person
July 19 – 26: 6 spots – $3800 per person

Hoodoo Sport Fishing Lodge Availability:
July 1 – 7: 2 spots – $5850 per person
July 7 – 13: 2 spots – $5850 per person

Royal Coachman Lodge Availability:
June 29 – July 6: 2 spots – $8050 per person
July 6 – 13: 2 spots – $8050 per person

Sandy River Lodge Availability:
July 6 – 12: 2 spots – $7200 per person

Please Call 800-552-2729 for More Information

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Available Dates: March 6 – 10, March 10 – 13, March 13 – 17

Discount Rate: $1,436 per person for a 4 Night / 3 Day package, $1,256 per person for a 3 Night / 3 Day package (regular rate = $1,795 and $1,570!)

Join Shasta Trout guides on the Klamath River for three days of guided steelhead fishing. Whether swinging flies with spey rods or utilizing nymphing techniques, the Klamath River is approachable and productive for anglers with a wide range of skill levels. Guests will stay warm and comfortable with accommodations at the beautiful Scott River Lodge.

For details or to book available dates please call Charles Gehr or David Kalinowski at 800-552-2729 or email or

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Igiugig Lodge, Alaska

Available Dates: June 7 – 14 and June 14 – 21, 2014

Discount Rate: $5200 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package based on double occupancy (regular rate = $6200)

This is a great little owner operated lodge where the head pilot and guide is also the owner. This operation can be made the exclusive retreat for groups of 4-5 anglers and their program enables folks to fly out half of their days and fish the mighty Kvichak the other three days. Typically 2-3 anglers will head out on a fly out with the lodge owner each day. Anglers will also spend three days fishing their home water via jet boat. The Kvichak is home to some the largest and hottest rainbows in the state.  These first two weeks of the season are fantastic for anglers who prefer to swing flies on tight lines, especially with two handed rods.  The rainbow trout in the area will be eagerly intercepting salmon smolt on their annual migration out to the ocean.

For more details please call  Ken Morrish or David Kalinowski at 800-552-2729 or email them at or



Turneffe Flats, Belize

Available Dates:
February 1 – 8, 2014
February 8 – 15, 2014
February 15 – 22, 2014

Discount Rate: $3,430.00 + $273.10 (Belize Tax) = $3,703.10 per person for 7 night/6 day package based on double occupancy (regular rate = $4,237.10)


Available Date: February 12 – 15, 2014

Discount Rate: $1,595.00 + $124.03 (Belize Tax) = $1,719.03 per couple for a 3 night/2 day package based on double occupancy (regular rate = $1,719.03 per person)

Call Dylan Rose at 800-552-2729 or email at



Sight Cast Outfitters – Los Roques, Venezuela

Available Dates: January 31 – February 11, 2014

Discount Rate: $2995 per person for a 7 night/6 day package based on double occupancy (regular rate = $4250)

When asked which bonefishing destinations in the world get our highest marks, no conversation is complete without mention of Chris Yrazabal’s operation in Los Roques. The reasons are many. The flats fishing is truly remarkable; the accommodations are exceedingly tasteful; and the guides and staff are as good as they get.

Technically an atoll within the Lesser Antilles, the Los Roques’ fly fishing region is made up of more than 300 cays, with a vast diversity of saltwater habitats including magnificent coral beds, grass and hard sand flats, pristine beaches, and remarkable “pancake” flats. Better yet, nearly all of the flats fishing is done while wading. While the area abounds with tarpon, barracuda, and jacks, it is the world-class bonefishing that draws anglers back year after year.

So clear your calendar and give Dylan a call now to get in on this prime last minute discount!

Call 800-552-2729 or email at


Bristol Bay Needs Your Help!
Dear Friend of the Wild Salmon Center,
The campaign to protect the Bristol Bay watershed took another important step forward this week. After a three year rigorous scientific process, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its Final Watershed Assessment which confirms that the Pebble Mine would be devastating for Bristol Bay’s wild salmon runs and ecosystems.EPA estimates that the Pebble Mine footprint alone will destroy up to 94 miles of salmon-bearing streams, alter flow in an additional 33 miles of streams and cause the loss of up to 5,350 acres of wetlands, ponds and lakes. The report leaves no doubt that the Pebble Mine will harm Bristol Bay, its salmon populations and the invaluable benefits they provide the region’s communities, economies, and ecosystems.The report comes on the heels of two other key developments over the last few months. First, more than 650,000 people submitted comments to EPA’s Draft Watershed Assessment last April urging EPA to protect Bristol Bay. And second, last September Anglo American, the British mining giant set to finance and develop the Pebble Mine operation, abandoned the project.And now the scientific analysis is complete and EPA’s Final Assessment concludes that “large-scale mining in the Bristol Bay watershed poses risks to salmon, wildlife and Native Alaska culture.”The momentum is building and the campaign to protect Bristol Bay is reaching a critical stage. We will need your continued help to succeed. Please take action by doing these two things:

1.      Send an email to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and thank her for conducting a strong scientific review and urge her to take the next step to protect Bristol Bay and its world-class wild salmon fisheries by initiating a Clean Water Act 404(c) process immediately. Email

2.      Make a donation to support Wild Salmon Center’s efforts to safeguard the Bristol Bay watershed and its wild salmon populations.

Thank you for your continued support of wild salmon rivers in Bristol Bay and across the Pacific Rim,

Guido Rahr
President & Chief Executive

Top: Bristol Bay salmon (Ben Knight). Above: Hanging fish, Bear and cubs, Twirling salmon (Ben Knight).

The latest report from Jurassic Lake:

Battling gruesome monster rainbow trouts on light fly gear is undisputed one of the finest ways to start your fishing season 2014. A group of dedicated fly-fanatics from Japan couldn’t agree more. They had traded hectic new years preparations for the sacred silence of our Jurassic Lake River Mouth Camp, firecrackers and rockets for chrome and screaming reels, suits for waders… The sporting virtues of this area lived up to their world-renown reputation and our guests executed the task of chasing these chrome fighting-machines flawlessly.


Due to a late arrival of the inbound flight, the first day started with an unexpected delay. Our chef extraordinaire Luis Montivero used the time well to welcome our anglers with a classic “Asado Argentino”- nothing prepares you better for fishing than a glass of Malbec and the scent of fire-roasted beef after a long journey. Despite the new years preparations, the River Mouth Camp watershed performed in well known manner. The excitement of finally getting out to fish was soon overtaken by the revelation why the lake earned it’s reputation as the world’s most productive trout fishery. The weather was holding up and the fishing was nothing short of spectacular.

No fireworks in the world can mimic the night sky over the lake. Mother nature in all her greatness, some bottles of champagne, good company and the joy of living; a perfect new years eve. Hard to top? Well, how about 8 fish over 10KG amongst the 8 of them on the first day of 2014? The biggest fish tipping the scale at 11,200kg…



To put the week in plain numbers – 993 trout were caught throughout 4 days on 8 rods. Biggest one being Hakuhata’s 11,2kg piglett from 1st Jan. 2014. Top Rod was Hirano with 201 fish.

Give Ken a call at 800-552-2729 to book your Jurassic Lake adventure!




Jurassic Lake chrome christer dec 8-14

Jurassic Lake, Argentina

Available Dates: March 22 -March 28; March 29 – April 4; April 5 – April 11

Discount Rate = US$3,650/person for a 6 night / 5.5 day package, based on double occupancy (regular rate = $4,950!)

Simply put, this high dessert sink lake is the most prolific trophy rainbow trout fishery in the world. During the prime months of November-January and again in later March and early April, catch rates are very high and the average fish typically weights about ten pounds. Twenty fish per person per day is not uncommon and fish topping 20 pounds are caught most weeks. These fish are very fat and very strong. The region is desolate and can be very windy. The ride in is borderline brutal with the last 20KM taking at least three hours, but once the first fish is hooked, your forget the ride. The Solid Adventures facility sits right on the best water and is simple, solid and good fun. If you like to catch lots of huge super charged rainbows, this is the ultimate venue.

Call Ken at 800-552-2729 to take advantage of this great offer

Here are some words from our very good friend Peter Koga, who experienced Jurassic Lake for the first(and likely not the last) time this past December. 


As we discussed earlier, the trip to Jurassic was beyond my expectations.   I don’t recall when you first put in your brochure, but I’ve been waiting to do this trip ever since that time.  I was concerned when 3 of my fellow fishing buddies backed out, but I decided to go solo and quickly made friends with the other anglers in camp. 

The descriptions and pictures in many brochures are often more hype than reality.   I must say, that after experiencing the angling at Jurassic Lake, the hype was seriously understated.   There is no way a person can grasp how special this place is until they feel the rush of adrenalin generated when you get a big rainbow on your fly and it makes several tarpon like leaps in front of you.  Only then can you truly appreciate what Jurassic Lake is.

For the first two days, you find yourself saying OMG a lot because most of the fish are bigger than any trout or steelhead you’ve ever caught before.

The pictures below are just a sample of what we caught during our week.  Many fish over 20 lbs were hooked and lost during our week.   Four fish 20 lb or greater were landed and weighed on the net scale.  Unfortunately, I could not keep the 24 lb one I landed and weighed under control long enough and it escaped my grip before the guide could get a good photo…..    slippery buggers!

Thanks for working with me to make this once in a lifetime trip happen!   (However, I am rethinking my original once-in-a-lifetime designation though).





What an amazing year it has been at Fly Water Travel! 2013 has been a whirlwind of adventure and we are continually humbled by the passion and patronage of our amazing clientele. Our continuing goal is to visit every destination we promote and 2013 was no different. Members of the Fly Water crew traveled to Venezuela, Christmas Island, Alaska, British Columbia, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Montana, Idaho, California and both the Canadian and American Rockies.

This year I saw a dynamic cross section of the saltwater angling scene. Here are a few of my favorite moments of the year from my travels:


The year started off with a bang. As in the bang of broken rods! I was fortunate enough to be invited to Christmas Island Outfitters for the filming of an episode of Fly Fishing the World TV with Conway Bowman. We spent a good portion of the trip filming action of GT’s and this still shot from the show pretty much says it all. Hard to miss that my fish is bigger, I must say!


It was amazing to watch this camera crew lug around $100,000, 50lb TV cameras across the vast flats of Christmas Island. All while trying to keep them from being destroyed by the relentless wind, sand, rain and saltwater.


Camera man Matt displays a beauty after we had all the footage we needed in the can!


TV show host extraordinaire, Mako Shark on the fly expert, world traveler and all around good guy Conway Bowman waves from a flat at Christmas Island.


My next stop would take me to a small island northwest of Cancun called Isla Holbox. This brilliant little island is home to both massive migratory tarpon and a plethora of opportunities for baby tarpon. The charming town of Holbox is void of cars and big on low key charm, great restaurants and a laid back beach town vibe. Couple that with fantastic fishing opportunities and it’s hard to go wrong!


There is a myriad of lodging options on Isla Holbox ranging from the quaint and affordable to the luxurious and fancy. Casa Lupita served as a perfect home base for our baby tarpon excursion.


The baby tarpon at Isla Holbox are hard hitting high fliers! These little guys are pure fun. Just grab your 8wt, a floating line, your favorite waking fly and go have a ball!


My fishing partner Erik Von Heideken displays a beautiful baby from the prolific waters surrounding Isla Holbox.


My next stop was Tarpon Cay Lodge in San Felipe, Mexico. I led a group of 8 adventurous anglers to experience some of the world’s best juvenile tarpon fishing across the Yucatan peninsula. Here is my trip report for these amazing destinations.

Tarpon-Tour-2013-0359@0 2

Many of the high flying babies at Tarpon Cay move from deep within the surrounding mangroves and creeks out onto the open water flats to feed. At times these fish can be intercepted before they reach the flats, focusing on the water in tight by the creek mouths and edges. Here a 5 pound baby clears the water and tail walks in very tight quarters.

Tarpon-Tour-2013-0707@0 2

Our next stop on the trip was to the incomparable Isla Del Sabalo. This destination is truly the frontier of baby tarpon fishing on the fly. Opportunities exist to target smaller fish within a plethora of mangrove lined, brackish rivers or larger tarpon on open water deep flats.

Tarpon-Tour-2013-0577@0 2

A healthy and heavily shouldered baby is landed within one of the many creeks that surround Isla Del Sabalo.

Tarpon-Tour-2013--3@0 2

As we neared the end of the trip and made our way back to the lodge we finally found a large school of open water fish from 20lb – 50lbs. Nearly everyone in the group had shots at these bigger juveniles and many fish were landed. It was an epic finish to a fantastic trip and definitely one of my most favorite moments of the year!


After Mexico my next trip was to Los Roques, Venezuela with my wife Chrysta. Los Roques was a revelation featuring some of the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches, friendly locals, fantastic snorkeling, crystal clear turquoise seas and a ton of hard fighting bonefish!


On Chrysta’s birthday I arranged for a special lobster lunch at a remote island at Los Roques. We took an extended break from fishing to enjoy an incredible spread of local lobster, oysters, fried snapper, conch ceviche, flatbread, rice and cold cerveza! It became immediately clear that it would be impossible to handle such a feast by ourselves so we invited our guides Carlos and Vicente to join in. We had a fantastic lunch, enjoyed snorkeling while being enveloped by a massive school of bonefish and even had a siesta. What an amazing day!


A stunning bonefish displayed by my lovely wife! Los Roques is the stuff dreams are made of. I can’t wait to go back!


2013 was a fantastic year filled with amazing adventures, friends new and old, some truly amazing fishing and a host new and exciting opportunities. 2014 is looking like more of the same including potential stops in Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Los Roques and/or Costa Rica.

Please don’t wait to make that trip of a lifetime, because in the words of the great Warren Miller, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll only be one year older when you do.”

Happy Holidays!


Today is the final day to submit your comments on proposed nickel mine development in the headwaters of SW Oregon’s Hunter Creek and Pistol River.

A proposed nickeel mine from foreign investors threatens wild, native fish in the headwaters of the free flowing Hunter Creek and Pistol River watersheds in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon. These rivers are home to several native fish species, including chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead trout, coastal cutthroat trout, Pacific eulachon and white and green sturgeon. A nickel mine in this area would be a major limiting factor for this important native fish stronghold, both of which currently have no dams or hatchery programs.

We need you to voice your opposition for the proposed nickel mine to the Forest Service and the Red Flat Corporation and ask that more environmental considerations be made to protect this area from unnecessary degradation.


IMGP0950 (2)


Yahape Lodge, Argentina

Available Dates: call for availability

Discount Rate = $3,375/person for a 7 night / 6 day package (regular rate = $4,500!)

Lunker shot

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